People Parking Day 2021

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September, 2021

This was our first ever People Parking Day.

We had 20 pop-up parklets created across London and one in Dublin.

This is a map of all the parklets created.

We produced a how to guide and a video.

What is People Parking Day?

We had prizes for the best parklet and runner up.

Our judges were officials from the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington. They were Sam Brown, Lead Designer 3D and Heather Whitbread, Senior graphic designer at the V & A.

The winner: Kinnear Road

The judges said:

“A strong community led parklet with a good mix of ages. A great use of bunting between the trees which bookended the parklet space. We loved the wall with informative facts on banners and flags, dealing with climate issues. The costumes and strong colour scheme made us smile. It is the parklet we would most want to visit and spend some time with the bees”.

Runner up: Ashwater Road

The judges said:

“We love the informal nature of the parklet, and how it spills out on to the street. Great use of wheelie bin signage and a fun mix of furniture and blankets with a chance to draw and have a cuppa. A good mix of the community and age groups.”

We created a map of all the parklets created across London.

Photographs of parklets were shared on social media using the hashtag #PeopleParking

Some examples of people parking spaces created on the day:

Parklet in Harlesden
Playing scrabble in a parking bay in Islington

Twitter: @londonparklet

Instagram: @londonparkletcampaign


We organised a Family Bike Ride on 25 September

This was the ‘Tour de Parklets du Nord’ – a family bike
ride with @IBikeLondon to parklets in Hackney & Islington.

What’s People Parking Day all about?

There’s a short film of one of our founders, Brenda talking about her parklet in Hackney on Channel 5.

People Parking Day Founder Brenda Puech on Channel 5
  • People Parking Day is about reclaiming public car space for people to enrich our shared environment. Lots of groups are involved including London Parklet Campaign and Living Streets
  • London Parklet Campaign would like to see at least one parking space in every street turned into a parklet: where people can sit and chat, a space for plants, bikes, children playing.
  • We’re calling on local authorities to help that happen. Get involved and let your local councillors know what you think. You can find details of your local councillors by putting in your postcode here and a list of all London councillors here.

If you want to get involved with People Parking Day, email us by 15 September with details of your name, location and what you plan to get up to.